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2016 PRO AFX  roller

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Black frame and body with chrome interior wings and rear deck
DMI 4.33 Bulldog rear end with polished ring and pinion and low drag bearings
NXS 7-hole pinion plate for panard / J-bar mount
Fastshaft driveshaft – brand new
Saldana dual pass radiator with AN16 braided lines to AN16 motor fittings
Spal large 12” radiator fan
BSB shocks
Tru wheels and TUSA plated tires (RR Tru beadlock)
Wilwood brakes with braided lines through entire car
RF shutoff and reducer
Quick disconnect steering with slip clutch to protect fingers and wrist
Longacre gauge package
BRP rack and pinion
Option of mounting LR shock ahead or behind rear end
Optimum Red battery
Pro fuel cell
BRP shifter ball
Kirkey full containment seat